If you have been following our content, you would have read our take on Shopee – from their viral advertisement tactics, to the people working in Shopee (and what they do), and our most popular report to date, “Who is Shopee” (in 4 languages).

They seemed to be doing everything right and were the envy of many companies in emerging markets. However, their share price has been on a huge dive over the past 2 months. 

Did they get their strategy wrong? What will they do next? Should I still join Shopee/SEA Group?

These are some of the questions we have been receiving from friends in our community. 

To answer your many questions, Momentum Academy is launching its first exclusive talk called ‘Off the Record – Behind Shopee’s Doors’. In this engaging 1 hour conversation – we will be covering all these exciting angles and more: 

  • Industry logic and history of Shopee – How did they grow from a late mover to the blue-eyed child of the tech industry?
  • Leadership – Who are the leaders and how do they make decisions?
  • People – What kind of people do they hire? Do they have a healthy culture? 
  • Products – What are their products? How do they choose to launch one or the other? How do they decide who to partner with? 
  • Q&A – Answering burning questions from the floor 

Momentum Academy’s Off the Record – Behind Shopee’s Doors will be happening on 4th March 2022, 3-4pm SGT. This is open to everyone and you can book your free spots here

We did a report on Shopee a few months ago, and you can get a copy here. We will be sharing some exclusive information not found in the report at the talk! 

Momentum Academy has done some interesting workshops, immersive simulations and other work for some organizations in the past. You can check out our previous work here.

If you have any burning questions about Shopee, feel free to email them to [email protected] and we will answer them during the session! 

*Momentum Academy was founded last year to empower decision-makers through Momentum Works’ insights and venture experiences. We provide powerful learning experiences by combining relevant insights with burning issues that our community wants answers to. We help you answer the why, what and how to navigate a fast-changing environment. 

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