You must have heard the word “super app” by now. Whether you love it or hate it, I always feel this word is overused, especially by tech companies in Southeast Asia. Well, now corporations like AirAsia from Malaysia and Bank Mandiri from Indonesia are also using this word in order to build their own super app.

However, does a super app really create an ecosystem that connects different things? Or is it just a buzzword for an app that just provides multiple businesses on one platform?

From what we have seen so far, they are just ticking boxes. 

Ride-hailing – tick

Food delivery – tick

Grocery delivery – tick

Financial services – tick

Etc. etc. 

However, is this really what they want to do?

Southeast Asian companies are captivated by super apps even though the infrastructure is not ready yet. For these companies to build an effective business, they need to build the infrastructure themselves. 

Can these companies effectively do that? And the big question still looms large – Why do SEA companies want to become a super app? How does it impact their long-term strategy?

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