Traveloka is the newest entrant in Indonesia’s grocery delivery sector! In our Food Delivery Report 2022, we noted that most food delivery players were trying to enter the unpenetrated grocery delivery market and capitalize on it. The grocery market is more than 3.7 times that of food delivery but the online penetration in Southeast Asia is less than 1%. 

Traveloka mart

This entry into grocery delivery could be a step forward for Traveloka to become a super app. They already have a host of other services such as flight booking, hotel booking, food delivery, insurance, etc.

Traveloka services

Looking a bit more closely at Traveloka mart, it offers instant delivery and the delivery time is usually within 60 minutes. They currently have partnerships with small family-owned marts and traditional stores and don’t own the inventory like a few other players.

Traveloka grocery delivery

They don’t seem to have tie-ups with large chains like Alfamart, but there’s a possibility we can soon see them on the platform. These large retail chains don’t have exclusive partnerships with delivery platforms, so Traveloka could get on the bandwagon too.

With regards to price, Traveloka seems to be cheaper than competitors Gomart and Grab Mart.

We feel it’s good for a company to experiment in new segments. Traveloka also has food delivery, but it isn’t very significant. Now that they are getting into grocery delivery, it could add to operational complexity.

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