WeChat today revealed some user behaviour statistics for 2019, we thought of just sharing with TLD’s readers some of the facts (and trivia) that we find quite interesting:

  • There are 1.151 billion active users of Wechat by Q3 2019, a 6% increase from the same period last year.

  • Most of the activities on WeChat happen before lunch (10am-12pm) or after work (5pm-9pm)
  • Peak hour for content reading is around 9pm, while peak gaming happens around 8pm.
  • Most logged travel destinations by Chinese users are (in order): Seoul, Osaka, Jeju Island, Bangkok & Singapore
  • Most frequently used emoticons:

  • Average daily step count for users who track this metric on WeChat: 6932. Friday is the most active day as far as step count is concerned:

  • People are generally lazy over the weekend, with food delivery usage increasing by 93% (compared to an average weekday) and shopping mini programme usage augmenting by 53%:

  • Top 10 news search items:1. Blackhole; 2. Notre Dame de Paris; 3. Crackdown on mafia and evil crime; 4. Daxing Airport; 5. 70 year anniversary; 6. One Belt One Road; 7. Chinese female volleyball team; 8. Super Moon; 9. Waste sorting; 10. I. M. Pei

  • Top search words for residents of Northern China: Haidian (a district in Beijing where top universities are) parents; financial inclusion; new energy sources
  • Top search words for residents of Southern China: Waste sorting; Chongya (or charging duck – an internet slang meaning charging forward); Smart home

  • Top three categories of payment users increase: government services, healthcare, education (as you can see, WeChat is still falling behind Alipay for daily payments).

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