Since yesterday, people on China’s WeChat-sphere have been sharing statistics of daily (DAU), weekly (WAU) and monthly (MAU) active users of some of the major apps in China.

Here is a summary in the format app_name: MAU/WAU/DAU. To make reading easier, we have highlighted their allegiances as well: Blue for Tencent and its ecosystem, Orange for Alibaba, Red for Baidu, Purple for ByteDance, Green for others:

  1. WeChat: 950m/920m/740m
  2. Tencent QQ: 680m/550m/370m
  3. Tencent Video: 530m/400m/110m
  4. Taobao: 600m/550m/280m
  5. Alipay: 650m/370m/260m
  6. Weibo: 400m/350m/170m
  7. Baidu: 530m/440m/150m
  8. Iqiyi: 550m/450m/120m
  9. Baidu Map: 400m/220m/50m
  10. Baidu Wangpan: 50m/25m/10m
  11. Gaode Map: 430m/290m/65m
  12. Toutiao: 270m/240m/120m
  13. Tik Tok: 280m/260m/170m
  14. Kuaishou: 270m/250m/150m
  15. Pinduoduo: 200m/170m/30m
  16. Meituan: 200m/160m/30m
  17. JD: 260m/130m/50m
  18. Didi: 60m/30m/10m 

Here is a more visual way to look at the data:

We have not verified all the numbers but we spoke with a few insiders of some particular companies mentioned above, and it seems the numbers are not that far from reality.

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