Last few days , there has been also a lot of discussions about Clubhouse’s prospects in both these audio panels (on the app) and chats (on other social apps).

To my surprise, amongst the people around me, almost everyone says this is a product of great future. I certainly do not hear what is described in this:

Even those who are usually quite sceptical, some even cynical. Why would they be almost unanimous this time?

In public domains, the best choice is always to say good things about something that is fast gaining popularity:

  1. If it eventually works out, you can tell everyone “see, I saw it very early on”.
  2. If it turns out to be a fad, you can tell everyone “shucks, it had such great promise, the management missed the opportunity”

In the second (fad) scenario, there are so many things you can do to blame the management: missed product feature, failure to monetise, poor execution, ego … Time will tell whether this will, eventually, work out.

It is risk free to praise Clubhouse at this stage, why not?

Any founder at the receiving end of such praises really need to be careful, though.

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  1. 2020: complain about spending all day on pointless conference calls

    2021: clamour for an invite to an app entirely for giant pointless conference calls with 1000s of complete strangers

  2. “You know what would make podcasts better? If we made them inconvenient, ephemeral and disorganised, and opened the floor to passive-aggressive ‘can-I-just-add-to-that’ types”

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