“How does Mixue stack against global F&B chains like McDonald’s, Subway, KFC, etc.?” – this was a common question we received from our community, following our articles on Mixue opening 7,643 stores last year and their upcoming IPO plans and our case study on how Mixue opened 20,000 stores

When we looked up the numbers, Mixue is currently the 5th largest F&B chain in the world, with a total of 21,582 stores out of which 7,643 stores were opened just last year. 

If they continue at the same pace, they could overtake McDonald’s (which is currently twice as big) in three years’ time. Of course, Mixue, as a supply chain company, is different from McDonald’s in terms of business models. 

We created an infographic with the top seven F&B chains in the world as of the end of 2021 and which countries they are from. 

Not surprisingly, all the other brands aside from Mixue are from the US: 

top f&b chains

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