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Market recovery? – Crypto Review Part 7

Bitcoin has touched the bottom of US$5800, and rebounded to US$8300 - a gain of 30%!

Peak ICO? – Crypto Review Part 6

As it is, the market is seeing somewhere close to 400 ICOs taking place (so far) this year alone. Hundreds more are in the pipeline.

Is the market revving up? – Crypto Review Part 5

Incase you forgot, we have issued our call much earlier this year for bitcoin to hit US$100,000.

Embracing regulations becomes the new norm – Crypto Review Part 4

Regulation-friendly cryptocurrencies with potentially numerous use-cases, will begin to see higher take up rate (and prices)

Sell now, or buy more? – Crypto Review Part 3

The crypto investing market still has a lot of maturing to do, as investors shift from investing based on news, to basing their judgments on fundamentals.

Now bitcoin is down, how to (re)position yourself – Crypto Market Review Part 2

In part 1 we briefly discussed the future of crypto where we suggested that central banks around the world might pick-up bitcoin as a...

Understanding the trends – Crypto Market Review Part 1

As bitcoin prices consolidated at the US$13,000 range, many pundits are now predicting that it may fall to US$5,000 or rise to US$20,000. The...

My friends bought crypto – should i?

With open calls for bitcoin to hit US$100,000 in 2018, are you perhaps now considering investing in crypto more seriously?

[TLD Weekend] Kim Jong Un is interested in your crypto?

Are you Chinese chives in the wild new age of great discoveries?

Verdict of Momentum Works 2022 Predictions

Our worst faring predictions since 2017 Since 2017, Momentum Works has been making annual predictions of tech and investment trends in Southeast Asia (and sometimes...

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