When I was running a consumer mobile internet business, one thing I did most frequently was…

Unlock my tablet and stare at the dashboard.

Like one of the many here:

Addicted to these

Not only me, all my colleagues seemed to have the same addiction: one peek at the dashboard (which was updated real time) once every five minutes.

This ritual was also the first thing when we woke up, and the last thing before we went to bed.

Sometimes, we just stared together at the dashboard, as if by our sheer mental power, the numbers on the dashboard will improve.

Just like when many watch soccer on TV, they kind of believe that their watching (and emotions) actually had any influence on the players.

At the end of the day, whatever that is shown on the dashboard is just there to indicate – you still need to apply judgement, interpret, and ultimately ACT to improve the business.


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