Monday, February 6, 2023

The deep tech superstition

Deep tech startups always excite investors and governments alike - they usually have something cool that nobody really understands, but is really cool. Theoretically,...

There is no real AI company in this world

Artificial intelligence (AI) is still receiving a tonne of attention as it is believed to be the future, with some even considering it as...

Is it too late to invest in payday loan in Indonesia?

Excerpt: not yet too late, but be careful of the rumours End of last year we wrote about Chinese payday loan companies entering Indonesia market....

Things I have learned as a Super Intern

Time flies - it has been almost 8 months since I first started my internship at Momentum Works. There were moments full of joy,...
Tencent kills Shazam

Tencent kills Shazam

Innovation is the heart of every successful startup - but it alone can only take you so far. Entrepreneurs with budding ideas should be on the lookout for the right exit opportunities.

Sequoia challenges Softbank – opportunity for Go-Jek?

Sequoia Capital, one of the most prominent VC firms in Silicon Valley, has recently raised $6B as part of their $8B funding target. The...

Shopee raises US$575 million Convertible Notes

Alibaba Softbank vs. Tencent Google

Corporates – How can they innovate at the right time?

It’s all about timing, isn’t it? Purchase your stocks at the right time and you’re all set. Poor timing you end up with a...

MBA & Entrepreneurship part 3: How should MBA students grasp entrepreneurship

A common question many asked is: “The time here goes so fast, how should I maximise this year to prepare myself (for eventual entrepreneurship journey)?”

MBA & Entrepreneurship part 1: INSEAD students are especially entrepreneurial?

Looking back, a combination of factors probably made this the case

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