Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Rogue traders are luckier than entrepreneurs

Be more empathetic for Elon Musk & Elizabeth Holmes

Where are we on empowerment and equality?

Companies have done A LOT to make it a level playing field for women and minorities in the workplace. There are policies to punish...

Will Lu Qi bring success to Y Combinator in China?

He needs to act fast, before his, and YC's brands wane in China

Signs that you have hired the wrong people

Some useful chicken soup

My experience as a super intern

As my first internship at a start-up, I could not have asked for more with my experience at Momentum Works. I’d sum it up...

Are you sure you want to join a startup?

Popping the bubbles of joining a startup

MoBike’s other co-founder

He will probably not just stop here, but to venture into something else. Although it won’t be easy to be right in the centre of something as sensational as MoBike again.

Mark Zuckerberg & the Monkey King

This article does not talk about data protection, or right and wrong. Instead, it describes a defining moment in a hero’s path.

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