Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Is the market revving up? – Crypto Review Part 5

Incase you forgot, we have issued our call much earlier this year for bitcoin to hit US$100,000.

Is Singapore the right place for AI startups

if you are to develop an AI startup in Singapore, you would really need to analyse carefully about a number of factors, and choose your battle wisely.

First mover curse (and other pitfalls) for fresh entrepreneurs

Coming from a team that has seen a lot of companies boom and bust - we will always be keen to hear the idea, but will also want to understand more about the management team, the business plan as well as the implementation plan.

The lending business – a geek’s playground?

Debt collection used to be the last-mile of lending business taking place offline. Now, data technology is changing it.

Rocket Internet’s workforce down by 50% – what does that mean?

This is not the first time we wrote about Rocket Internet’s fading star. In fact, it recently (although not openly admitting) closed many of...

Access versus privacy – is it even a choice?

The scandal involving Facebook supplying data to Cambridge Analytica indeed raised a lot of questions on the price that consumers pay for a “free” service.

Grab finally buys Uber, as predicted. What next?

What are the implications to the market, the users, Go-Jek, and mobile payment development in the region?

JD Thailand aims for May launch

Our sources say JD and Central will take the "money is no object" approach

Global internet giants – Only American, Chinese, and maybe Indian –...

In a recent chat with a leading figure in one of the global internet giants, he threw me this thought: “To be a global player,...

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