Thursday, April 15, 2021

Singapore learns how to scan QR code overnight

QR readers & government authentication service top the app charts

If SafeEntry were a payment app

It could be very successful

Why would Akulaku “restructure” loans?

beyond expectations

Repost: Why fintech lenders in China avoid SMEs

In the fintech circle in Southeast Asia, there is some recent talk about fintech lenders' bad debt caused by the covid-19 outbreak, from the...

Essential Ingredients in Building a Comprehensive Fintech Ecosystem for Indonesia

Indonesia already has all the natural ingredients: large consumer/SME base, budding entrepreneurial talent and the market demand. 

PolicyPal was never going to make it

It is the problem of the business model, no matter how hard you try.

Malaysia’s turn to issue digital bank licences

Many requirements are familiar to those who applied for Singapore's licences

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