Saturday, April 4, 2020

Why P2P is doomed in China?

It is so easy to get into a vicious cycle

A deep dive into Touch N’ Go eWallet in Malaysia –...

What are the real inhibitors that need to be overcome for mass adoption

Chinese VCs find it hard to invest in Indonesia?

Fewer Chinese founders, expensive deals and unfamiliar sectors - these problems will disappear once you know the market more

Opportunities and Challenges of Fintech in Southeast Asia

Chinese fintech companies have explored the Indonesian fintech market since the end of 2017, and eventually growing and expanding overseas to India, Vietnam, and...
Why OVO is More Likely to Succeed in Payment Space

“Why OVO is More Likely to Succeed in Payment Space”

This article is written by Kameswara Natakusumah and was originally published on LinkedIn. Reproduced with the author's permission here. A Morgan Stanley study released this February...

Indonesia issues 15 more P2P lending registrations

Bringing up the total to 127

Mobile payment in Indonesia – consolidation next?

Four to three, or four to two

Digital & Financial Technologies key to China-Indonesia Collaboration & Cooperation

Says Ambassador of Indonesia to China Djauhari Oratmangun at the Momentum Works 2019 China-Indonesia Fintech Summit in Shanghai. SHANGHAI, CHINA, 1 July 2019 –...

Singapore opens up digital banking licences to non banks

Will Grab successfully contest?

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