Friday, April 3, 2020

An analysis of fintech P2P lending in Indonesia

This article is written by Kuseryansyah, Executive Director of Indonesia Fintech Lending Association (AFPI). The original article was in Bahasa Indonesia and has been...

Bridging the distrust in Indonesia’s insurance system through technology

Fireside chat with Victor Roy, Founder, and CEO of Bindcover What is the potential for Insurance in Indonesia in the next 5 years?  The potential for...

Solving trust issues in Indonesia through digital identities

    People often perceive digital signatures to be only happening in the developed world. DocuSign, a US company that manages electronic signatures and documents, went...

Majority of 2nd batch Grab Ventures Velocity startups Indonesian

Exciting time to build startups in Indonesia

Join Indonesia Fintech Summit on 26 June in Shanghai

With a US$73 billion lending gap, Indonesia is the next opportunity for FinTech development after China. However, most people are unsure of how to...

Alipay starts doing payroll for companies

It strengthens Alipay's penetration into businesses

Who are the owners of OVO?

Grab and Tokopedia are the two biggest

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