Friday, July 10, 2020

We prefer talking to emails

What we learnt from a week of working with our Chinese partners in Hangzhou (and yes it was cold)

[MW Q&A] People in China are paying big money for online...

In the first of a series, we answer questions provided by our readers.

ofo – Alibaba’s baby or pawn?

The biggest bike-sharing company is now facing difficulty - how will its investors save it?
Vegetables, but not vegetarian

[MW Weekend] Here’s why you need to listen to the unspoken...

Sensitivity to cultural events is now a common practice for corporations, especially for those who deal with the general public.

UC Browser’s tough lesson from Alibaba

"Marrying into the purple" is a dream but not as sweet as for everyone, especially if you are not making the money. UC Browser is having a hard time beating its opponents - in the meantime - survives the pressure from its parent group Alibaba.

How UC browser beat Chrome, through being ‘lite’

Although UC Browser is in a mess now, how it beat Chrome initially was still a valid lesson for many. Stay tuned for our insider article on this.

RedMart, Fastacash & Elevenia all failed in 2017 – so what’s...

As a few promising startups failed to live up to their expectation in 2017, we look at what 2018 has to offer.

Attack of the Clones: HQ Trivia copycats emerge overnight in China

HQ Trivia has grown massively over the last few months. Since the beginning of the year, Chinese companies are rapidly releasing their own versions - and burning plenty of cash in the process.

Cash out your startup – how to improve your odds?

Despite markets being flooded with investments, exits in Southeast Asia have been few and far between. If you are a startup funder or founder,...

[MW Weekend] Can you use Siri to game HQ Trivia?

We tested Siri for HQ Trivia - and we have a challenge for you as well

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