Saturday, August 24, 2019

Majority of 2nd batch Grab Ventures Velocity startups Indonesian

Exciting time to build startups in Indonesia

Wish all our Muslim friends a happy Eid

Make the global halal trade more trusted, and efficient

Ecommerce duopoly in Thailand – sooner or later? is falling behind

Join Indonesia Fintech Summit on 26 June in Shanghai

With a US$73 billion lending gap, Indonesia is the next opportunity for FinTech development after China. However, most people are unsure of how to...

B.d.T. Ibu Ani Yudhoyono

A remarkable lady

Who are the owners of OVO?

Grab and Tokopedia are the two biggest

Is Marvelstone Group fraud?

Or just dumb?

Superapp in Southeast Asia – a dream or a reality?

Is there ground in the region, and who will win? As Lyft and Uber are both becoming public companies, we are seeing a lot of...

Repost: Do you understand Honestbee?

Honestbee is in the news again, with reports that it has run into serious cashflow problems. This just reminded us of a blog post we...

Grab Ventures: Building a strong superapp ecosystem in Southeast Asia

- With Aditi Sharma, Grab Ventures' Head of Investments & Programs Southeast Asia is an attractive, but challenging region for startups. The countries in the...

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