Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Our take on Stoqo’s demise

A quick summary

Have you seen a happy layoff?

Move on.

Doing our part to help the most vulnerable amidst the COVID-19...

This article is written by Genping Liu, a Partner at Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India. It was originally published on Medium. Reproduced with the...

With COVID-19, disruptors are being disrupted, what’s next? – Join us...

Don’t miss out on fireside chats and newest updates on Investment in Southeast Asia with investment veterans and stakeholders. We had written about the impact...

Why would Akulaku “restructure” loans?

beyond expectations

Essential Ingredients in Building a Comprehensive Fintech Ecosystem for Indonesia

Indonesia already has all the natural ingredients: large consumer/SME base, budding entrepreneurial talent and the market demand. 

Sea freight amid coronavirus scare – yes or no?

sea freight is benefiting

COVID-19 and Southeast Asia Supply Chain – updates March 2020

Every transportation method has its upside and downside; daily delivery eCommerce becomes the unlikely winner

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