Tuesday, December 5, 2023

UC Browser’s tough lesson from Alibaba

"Marrying into the purple" is a dream but not as sweet as for everyone, especially if you are not making the money. UC Browser is having a hard time beating its opponents - in the meantime - survives the pressure from its parent group Alibaba.

This will make you look at Indonesia differently

Indonesia has more than 17000 islands, however most foreign tech investors and entrepreneurs rarely go beyond Jakarta. There are blue oceans in the provinces.

How UC browser beat Chrome, through being ‘lite’

Although UC Browser is in a mess now, how it beat Chrome initially was still a valid lesson for many. Stay tuned for our insider article on this.

RedMart, Fastacash & Elevenia all failed in 2017 – so what’s...

As a few promising startups failed to live up to their expectation in 2017, we look at what 2018 has to offer.

Cash out your startup – how to improve your odds?

Despite markets being flooded with investments, exits in Southeast Asia have been few and far between. If you are a startup funder or founder,...

[MW Special Report] E-commerce in Vietnam

With a young, tech-savvy population with high consumption demand, B2C and C2C e-commerce in Vietnam has plenty of potential to grow. However, customer perception...

[MW Weekend] Cold spell in Singapore – which business is really...

Usually, sectors such as ecommerce and food delivery should experience a boom as people opt to stay at home.

Chicken and egg: how OVO solved its mobile payment problem

As a part of the Indonesian conglomerate group, it has conveniently eliminated the first problem of acquiring merchants.

Invested by the big boys – you might not be as...

Our recent encounters with a content platform based out of Jakarta, Indonesia has a tragic ring to it.

How to tell impostors and bullshitters from real startup/tech experts

As purveyors of tech stories that are not often covered, we have ourselves (internally) prepared a checklist of bullshit - to separate truth from...

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