Amongst many startup business models in Southeast Asia, which ones will prevail & which ones are doomed? 

Join Jianggan and Dmitry on Clubhouse this Friday as they have a candid discussion about their experience, views, and insights on this area. There will be plenty of time for Q&A, so please come with any questions that you want answers to. 

Jianggan Li is CEO of Momentum Works, a venture builder and insights leader in Southeast Asia. Dmitry Levit is General Partner of Cento Ventures, a VC that has invested in companies such as Pomelo, iPrice, 2C2P, and Codapay. 

An interesting insight – Dmitry is a cautious realist originally from Russia. Jianggan is cynical optimist from China. With this in mind, we’ll bet that the insights will differ from the headlines in the media. 


Join us on Clubhouse this Friday, 9th April at 1 PM SGT.

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See you there!  

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