Southeast Asia’s tech boom in recent years have drawn attention both investors, entrepreneurs and established tech companies, especially from China.

However, as we emphasized many times, and as many experiences of failure have demonstrated, it is not that easy to replicate a business model that succeeded in China into Southeast Asia.

That said, there are ways to combine the best local entrepreneurs and strategic partners with Chinese experience and capital.

Earlier this year, we had a successful sharing session in Hangzhou. The session focused specifically on FinTech & Ecommerce opportunities in Indonesia.

We were grateful that every investor, entrepreneur and tech company senior executive who registered showed up on time on the rainy (some say snowy) winter afternoon,  asked a lot of questions and actually helped each other in a very constructive discussion.

Some friends even took the high speed rail from Shanghai to Hangzhou to attend the session.

The good news is, alongside our half day session on Southeast Asia at Mobile World Congress Asia, we will hold another closed door session sharing investment & expansion insights about Southeast Asia.  

It will take place on the afternoon of 26 June 2018 at a city centre location in Shanghai.

Here are some of the questions Momentum Works will talk about at Shanghai sharing session:

  • Are the amazing marketing opportunities you see in pitch decks real?
  • Are the opportunities only in mass consumers or the premium market is big enough?
  • How’s the consumer finance development in Indonesia since early this year?
  • What is the right team mix to win the markets in Southeast Asia?

If you are an investor in Shanghai and interested in a deep discussion about tech opportunities in Southeast Asia, write to us: [email protected].

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