So Foodpanda, the second largest food delivery platform in Thailand, is facing some backlash in the country.

You might already know the story: a protest erupted in Thailand, and Foodpanda dismissed an employee who was captured attending the protest. The voice of boycott went viral on social media – millions of tweets fired, and Foodpanda had to apologise.

A number of posts went viral in social media, including this one claiming that Foodpanda had lost 2 million active users because of the incident:

That got us really curious. From the look of it, the screenshot seems to be coming from AppAnnie, probably the best app performance tracking service.

However, such data usually has a lag, and is not measured over just one day. It is highly unlikely that the conclusion of ‘losing 2 million users’ can be drawn.

What exactly happened? Well, not that difficult to figure out. All you need to do is to find a high resolution version of the image, and look at it in detail:

In fact, we are looking at different numbers. Effectively we are comparing Weekly Active Users (WAU) with Daily Active Users (DAU). Of course DAU will be much smaller than WAU.

The creator of the post deliberately tried to mislead. Read with caution.

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