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Will Lu Qi bring success to Y Combinator in China?

He needs to act fast, before his, and YC's brands wane in China

Ant Financial is not only bigger than Goldman Sachs

Another company, which we wrote about a number of times, probably feels very bitter as well.

How would jobs look like in 20 years?

There’s no doubt that robotics and automation will be increasingly adopted due to continuous emphasis on speed, accuracy, quality and lower costs.

Is Singapore the right place for AI startups

if you are to develop an AI startup in Singapore, you would really need to analyse carefully about a number of factors, and choose your battle wisely.

Alibaba is joining the (reignited) ride-hailing war in China

It is an assault on Didi, but it is also defensive in the scenario that one day Didi might venture into other areas that threaten Alibaba’s empire, or reinforce Tencent’s.

Alibaba is an advertising company, more than an ecommerce one

60% of Alibaba's revenues are now derived from its advertising platform - Alimama.

[MW Q&A] People in China are paying big money for online content, why?

In the first of a series, we answer questions provided by our readers.

Mobile payment in Southeast Asia – overview and trends – Part 3/3

Who owns the future? The governments or the internet giants (or someone else)? In the first two parts of this analysis, we discussed why we...

What is best ecommerce marketing channel in rural developing world?

I was having lunch with some friends in Dubai the other day, and one of the friends ran an e-commerce platform across a few...

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