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China’s Quora lands US$434m investment from… Baidu & Kuai?!

Maybe it is an alliance being formed to arrest the momentum of Bytedance?

Baidu’s lost decade in international markets

It is still not too late, if it recognises the issue preventing its success in international markets over the last 10 years.

Baidu exits Brazil?

Another failed global attempt by a Chinese internet giant?

Was Lu Qi purged from Baidu? We find this theory interesting

The only cause of Lu Qi’s departure, if the theory is to be believed, was he is too successful and liked at the same time.

Baidu shakes further, which is good news for AI startups

When Lu Qi, a well respected senior Microsoft executive, became the COO of Baidu, many expected big changes. A few highlighted that with Lu...

Why Baidu fell behind Alibaba & Tencent (and what can be done about it)

Those who are familiar with China’s internet scene would have heard the term “BAT” - which is the acronym for “Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent”,...

[Seeing the unseen] Will generative AI make Chinese tech’s global expansion easier?

In September last year, we talked about the surge of Chinese investors, entrepreneurs and tech executives  descending into Singapore.  The question asked then by many...

The strange demise of China’s ChatGPT competitor

As ChatGPT is gaining popularity in China, competitors start to emerge. Readers of TheLowDown are probably familiar with the tendency of entrepreneurs in China...

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