Earlier this month we asked our subscribers for feedback on our content and suggestions for how we can improve. We thought we’d share these findings with you and let you know our plan for improvement.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment below or email us at [email protected]

Figure 1. What type of organisation do you work at?

Figure 1. Our readers are from a variety of companies, but primarily consulting and startups.

Figure 2. What do you think of our content?

Figure 2. Overall our content is well received. We’re always working to make it better.

Figure 3. What sort of content would you like to read more about?

Figure 3. Country specific issues, topics on Fintech and infographics are in demand. Although, most of what we do is well received.

Specific comments from readers and what we are going to do about them:

  • “Well written, though some article are less insightful than others.”

Feel free to challenge any article, about points we failed to mention, or lack of depth in areas. As mentioned much earlier, the goal here is to share, to exchange, and to learn together.

  • “Have more frequent update/insight.”

As we have a bigger team now, we can share more, while we take a break from our daily tasks of building ventures, consulting for successful companies, and investing. We aim for one article a day – though it can be challenging at times when the team is stretched (last week, our team was spread in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and India at the same time). But do suggest topics – we know quite a lot, and it would be easier to know what you would like to hear.

  • “Just more content specific to each country in the region.”

We are completing our special reports on Vietnam and Indonesia – which have also been synchronised and very well received in our Chinese language channels. We will share more on other countries in the region and beyond, shortly.

  • “The website is contentful. I feel the user path is a bit unclear because the categorisation is too detailed. If the user wants to look for a particular area, they have to search for multiple folders.”

Great feedback, we are redesigning the blog layout right now, and it will hopefully be up sooner than later. This should make it easier to navigate.

  • “People should get to know the contributors better.”

We agree, we are working on bio pages for all our contributors. But you can find some of us on Momentum Works’s company web site: www.momentum.asia

What next for The Low Down

Here are our (prosaic) operational plans:

  • More guests posts. If you’d like to contribute please get in touch with us at [email protected]
  • As mentioned, more regular content – aiming for a daily basis.
  • Update to the blog layout to make it easier to view, navigate and read .
  • Add bios for our contributors.
  • Answer the reader questions from the survey (where people were able to ask questions they’d like us to answer). We’re aiming for one a week, starting next week.
  • We’ll announce the winner of the lucky draw for the drone during the next week.

Thanks for reading The Low Down (TLD), the blog by the team at Momentum Works. Got a different perspective or have a burning opinion to share? Let us know at [email protected].