Over the last week, many of you asked us what happened to The Low Down, as it stopped being updated on 20 of May.

Well, we encountered some repeated and pretty persistent hacks last week – something we had not seen since the blog started in 2017.

Back then, we wrote about the reasons we started TLD. We also sent in our first newsletter that please tell us how wrong we are if you have a different perspective. Initially, TLD was meant to be a hobby, almost.

Almost two years later, when we look at the site, we almost could not believe how much the team has collectively put into writing. So many companies, regions, and topics were covered. And interestingly, some of our perspectives have changed, or evolved, since the days we put them down.

The team at Momentum Works has grown as well during this time, from merely 3 when we wrote our first post to more than 50 now across the core team as well as the ventures we’ve been building.

We continue to receive many pieces of feedback (and many compliments) about the blog – thank you all!

We have to admit that we never had proper dev ops to maintain and improve this site – but the hack has been a good opportunity for us to re-think what we can do with TLD.

So yes, we fixed the security problems, backed up the files, moved the site to a faster server, and more importantly, we will continue to share our honest (and not necessarily PC) thoughts, perspectives and analyses.

And we continue to welcome you to join us in sharing yours (and challenging ours). That’s how we become wiser, together.

Thanks for reading The Low Down (TLD), the blog by the team at Momentum Works. Got a different perspective or have a burning opinion to share? Let us know at [email protected].


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Jianggan Li is the Founder & CEO of Momentum Works. Prior to founding Momentum Works, he co-founded Easy Taxi in Asia, and served as Managing Director of Foodpanda. The two years running Rocket Internet companies has given him a lifetime experience on supersonic implementation, and good camaraderie with entrepreneurs across the developing world. He holds a MBA from INSEAD (GMAT 770) and a degree in Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University. Unfortunately he never wrote a single line of code professionally - but in his first job he was in media, travelling extensively across Asia & Europe, speaking with Ministers & (occasionally) Prime Ministers. Apart from English and his native Mandarin, he is also fluent in French and conversational in Cantonese & Spanish. He tried to learn Latin (for three years) and Sanskrit (for six months) as well. In his (scarce) free time, he reads, travels, hikes and dives. Pyongyang, Tehran & Chisinau are among the interesting cities he has been to.