A social ecommerce company in Singapore has recently raised a $6 million funding round to expand in Singapore, and to Indonesia.

The company,WEBUY, is founded by an ex-cofounder of Ezbuy, formerly called 65Daigou. Yes, that is the company where a few years ago the CEO openly accused Alibaba of bullying.

Ezbuy has thus merged with Light In the Box (NYSE: LITB), a pioneer of cross border ecommerce from China that completely missed the mobile age.

Anyway, the founder of WEBUY uses a Singapore-registered company to hold his shares of WEBUY. And the company is called:

GBuy Global Pte. Ltd.  

I know that the company has global ambitions, but the name is just amusing for many in Singapore, Penang, Manila, Medan, Amoy and Taipei.

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