Sunday, December 3, 2023

Africa the next China – Is it an overstatement?

What is China to you? It really depends on what you define China today as, to have a basis of comparison for the future Africa...

Translating the success of personal finance apps to SEA

Mint has achieved dominance in the North American markets. Can a similar model be replicated in SEA?
Carousell ad

Carousell still the toughest kid on the block (for now)

Carousell’s recent funding round proves that investors still have faith in it. On the other hand, Facebook’s slow progress in launching and popularizing its...

Brainstorming – How to do it more efficiently and effectively?

What is brainstorming? Brainstorming - A group activity undertaken in an attempt to come up with innovative solutions. For most, it is about receiving a...

Startups are all about mitigating risks, not taking them

What is risk? Most would define it as the probability that anything other than the desired outcome would occur. Risk revolves around 2 factors; probability...

How to save your ass from the FinTech competition?

With people saying FinTech is disrupting banking, what does that actually mean? Who and how are tech/non-tech companies changing the landscape of financial services? Story from a banking veteran.

[TLD Weekend] What happens when nobody buys oil anymore?

Whole cities, farms and factories will be rearranged to the convenience of a whole new generation of robots, drones and vehicles - all electric powered.

ZTE’s debacle might lead to its rebirth, not death

After six years of effort, Huawei has achieved a fairly good level of self-dependence. We think ZTE can do the same, with imposed, rather than self-imposed, urgency.

[TLD Weekend] Mr Lim, Mr Lam, Mr Lin & Mr …

Understanding things can be different (such as 林 is not always Lim) is a key advantage for anyone to navigate across cultures.

Chinese media are overly harsh towards the MoBike founder

"An arm can’t win a wrestle against a leg, in China startups can never walk around the giants.”

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