Monday, November 29, 2021

An ad-exchange for micro influencers?

An ad-exchange for micro influencers? How to track the ROI of marketing spend with these entrepreneurs. By now we all know that effective marketing is a...

Why Tencent’s share price dropped so much

A combination of internal & external factors

Our thoughts on Indonesia banning Tik Tok

Earlier this week, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Indonesian Government, KomInfo, had officially confirmed that it had blocked the popular short video...

Tencent goes to war with Toutiao

We have written quite a bit about Toutiao, a rising star in Chinese tech which has thus far escaped from the Shadows of Alibaba...

Was Lu Qi purged from Baidu? We find this theory interesting

The only cause of Lu Qi’s departure, if the theory is to be believed, was he is too successful and liked at the same time.

Ad terminals in taxis are a thing of the past

Just having a digital screen does not mean you are offering digital advertising.

Tencent – the lesser known Alibaba nemesis

As one of the oldest and the largest internet companies in China, Tencent has been increasing in value, and benefited its shareholders for a...

Mark Zuckerberg & the Monkey King

This article does not talk about data protection, or right and wrong. Instead, it describes a defining moment in a hero’s path.

iflix now treading deep waters

Becoming the Netflix of a smaller market is not as easy as it might sound

[MW Special Report] Content, media & social in Vietnam

Who will capture the next 100 million users? 

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