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My experience building a rural ecommerce startup in Indonesia

This is a contributed article by Sonat Yalcinkaya (Kaya) and Vyani, co-founders of Shox Rumahan, one of the leading rural commerce startups in Indonesia....
Dingdong - Cover image

Chinese online grocer Dingdong’s bizarre stock debut

The price held up, but tougher days lie ahead for the business.
Chinese ecommerce in Southeast asia - Cover Image

Is Chinese-style e-commerce the way forward for Southeast Asian players like Shopee, Lazada and...

This commentary first appeared on the South China Morning Post. Republished here with permission. You can access the other commentaries from the author on the same...
Blooming ecommerce Indonesia qna - Cover image

When will the ecommerce fight in Indonesia end – Your questions answered

Our Briefing on Blooming Ecommerce in Indonesia report last week generated a lot of interesting discussions during the Q&A phase. Questions were raised about...

Didi is a formidable company, just unfortunate to be born in China

Strong competition all around, preventing it from expanding beyond mobility

How many people are working at Shopee?And what do they do?

How many people are working at Shopee?  And what do they do? Some of our readers asked us: there has been a lot of chatter about...
Social Commerce Southeast Asia- Cover Image

Lessons from PDD and Xiao’e Pinpin: will Shopee and Lazada embrace social commerce?

A year after its launch as a WeChat mini-program, Xiao’e Pinpin was officially upgraded by Tencent into a full-fledged app in its own right.  Introduced...

What’s behind Grab’s reported SPAC listing

This article first appeared on CNA. Republished here with permission. You can access the other commentaries from Jianggan Li on CNA as well.  SINGAPORE: On Apr...

US$2.8 billion fine is really not significant for Alibaba, what happens next is

Are Alibaba's troubles over? Will it spill over?

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