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Why investors find it so hard to invest in AI startups?

Many have resorted to betting on hardware instead now

The root cause of Amazon’s failure in China

Too logical, and not curious enough

Why Microsoft needs to acquire TikTok

Recently TikTok has once again become the center of public attention, but Trump, who insisted on banning TikTok before, unexpectedly stated: "Regardless of whether Microsoft...

[Bahasa] Ada berapa banyak unicorn di Asia Tenggara?

Faktanya, menghitung jumlah unicorn di Asia Tenggara bukan suatu hal yang gampang karena ada banyak standar penilaian yang dapat dilakukan. Secara umum, Grab, GoJek,...
Unicorns in Southeast Asia

How many unicorns are there in Southeast Asia?

Counting the number of unicorns in Southeast Asia is no easy task, because there are many different standards in the market (or you can...

By hiring Kevin Mayer, TikTok shows a different generation from Alibaba

Comments on the hiring of Kevin Mayer

SF Express enters food delivery?

Challenging Meituan?

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