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Tencent goes to war

It announces restructuring to respond to numerous external threats.

Why Tencent’s share price dropped so much

A combination of internal & external factors

Gaming the right way? Tencent’s overseas investment strategy

We had previously written about the fight between tech giants in the Southeast Asia region and commented on each party’s cross-border investment strategies, and...

Softbank + Alibaba (SA) vs. Google + Tencent (GT)

It is a battle between the largest Chinese e-commerce platform versus dominating social media and gaming company, but not just Alibaba and Tencent alone...
Tencent kills Shazam

Tencent kills Shazam

Innovation is the heart of every successful startup - but it alone can only take you so far. Entrepreneurs with budding ideas should be on the lookout for the right exit opportunities.

Tencent goes to war with Toutiao

We have written quite a bit about Toutiao, a rising star in Chinese tech which has thus far escaped from the Shadows of Alibaba...

Is Tencent losing its business?

Tencent is gradually becoming an investment firm rather than a product innovation powerhouse?

Tencent – the lesser known Alibaba nemesis

As one of the oldest and the largest internet companies in China, Tencent has been increasing in value, and benefited its shareholders for a...

Why Baidu fell behind Alibaba & Tencent (and what can be done about it)

Those who are familiar with China’s internet scene would have heard the term “BAT” - which is the acronym for “Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent”,...

Is the success of leading global digital banks replicable in Southeast Asia?

Momentum Works publishes new report: Four condensed lessons from leading digital banks

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