On 15 October, Momentum Works hosted a briefing together with Cento Ventures on 2021 H1 Southeast Asia tech investment report. In addition to the 7 pathways to unicorn-hood, and the 4 key fintech trends in the region, we also discussed a range of relevant topics. We also answered the participants questions here 

The full recording was shared with our Impulso members and a few close friends. One of them commented that the talk was one of the highest ‘signal-to-noise’ discussions around SEA fintech and commerce in a long time.’

Today, we publish the link to the full recording here – do check out:

Jianggan Li and Dmitry Levit, the masterminds of the talk are currently cooking up something new and exciting. Watch this space as we should be announcing it in a few weeks time! 


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Prior to Momentum Works, Yorlin was in the financial sector in SIngapore and Hong Kong for 10 years - working with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, AXA and HSBC. She feels that corporate knowledge are undervalued in the start-up ecosystem and want to change this. At Momentum Works, she manages operations, overseeing joint venture operations with partners from all over the world. She always makes time to speak to people as you never know what’s the next game changer in the fickle world of fintech, e-commerce or mobile internet. In her free time, you can find her being the slave to her 5 cats.