Friday, September 22, 2023


Why Ninja Van took off with the big boys in the...

Logistics industry is one of those that is dominated by major players. You have international players like DHL and the strong local players like...

Why “Getting rid of the middlemen” startups often fail

Disintermediation has always been a common startup idea, but what exactly are you trying to replace?

ezbuy raises US$17.6m – what happens next?

Since He Jian's meltdown last year, accusing Alibaba of playing dirty - we were in doubt if ezbuy would ever raise funds again
Carousell ad

Carousell still the toughest kid on the block (for now)

Carousell’s recent funding round proves that investors still have faith in it. On the other hand, Facebook’s slow progress in launching and popularizing its...

Rising Halal Prominence in Japan: Migration, Diversification and Tourism

As the land of the rising sun, Japan number of tourists infiltrating the society has been rising since the early 20th century. From its...

China’s burgeoning food delivery drives growth of lifestyle ecommerce sector

Stunning growth in food and beverage delivery services opens more opportunities for app-related services.

Did Walmart pay too much to acquire Flipkart?

Walmart will take a 77% stake in Flipkart for the price of US$16 billion, making it the world’s largest ecommerce acquisition to date.

[TLD Weekend] Why most companies are bad at ecommerce

Let's examine where these companies failed.

Club Factory recently raised US$100 million, who are they?

A saying goes that many investors jumped into investing in Club Factory because they missed both Wish and JollyChic.

Why Chinese cities escalate their fight for talent in 2018

The governments all started to believe that the huge economic benefits of population density overpowers the accompanying environmental and societal problems.

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