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Pinduoduo lost US$3 billion over night to scam?

"Wool party" scored another win?

Alibaba whacks Pinduoduo

Using its usual tactic

Pinduoduo and its copycats

What can we learn from Chinese social ecommerce?

CV of Pinduoduo’s founder

Always at the right side of the history - it seems

Pinduoduo’s new monetisation tactic

The best business model in China, only if it was legal

Why am I pessimistic about Amazon’s low price attempt

"It is born prematurely, and will unlikely have enough nutrition fed from the mothership."

E83 – The Impulso Podcast – Will Amazon succeed in copying Temu?

During a closed-door seller meeting in Shenzhen, China, Amazon announced it would open a dedicated section offering low-cost, unbranded items shipped directly from China....

Why many are sceptical about Amazon’s new discount service

Last week, Amazon announced it would open a dedicated section offering low cost, unbranded items shipped directly from China.  Reports from Chinese and international...

E82 – The Impulso Podcast – China’s 618 eCommerce Sales dropped or grew?

GMV of Chinese ecommerce during 6.18 dropped for the first time in 8 years, according to data platform Syntun. This was quickly picked up...

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