Tuesday, August 11, 2020

2020 Reflections of the Creator of WeChat

Some deep thoughts on information and social relatipnships

WeChat 2019 in numbers

An interesting way to get a glimpse of Chinese internet user behaviour

Momentum Works’ predictions for 2020

We added Chuhai this time round

Final verdict: our 2019 India predictions

Are you equally bullish about this market?

Jumia: rebalancing or retreat?

Dubai is way too comfortable

The Future of Saudi Arabia: V2

Masa, China, AI and Opening up

End of P2P in China?

Strictest rules to date

When BAT becomes ATM

Just when you think the game is over, the market always surprises you. 

Mapping Singapore’s “Fintech + AI” Landscape

This article is written by Genping Liu, Partner, Vertex Ventures, and was originally published on Medium. Reproduced with the author’s permission here. Singapore has become the regional...

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