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September 2017

Twitter’s problem is not 140 vs. 280, but failure to expand horizontally

Big news that Twitter is experimenting expanding size limit of each tweet from 140 characters to 280 characters. This is entirely missing the point Twitter’s problem is not whether users want to express ‘a bit more’ or not – but its… Continue Reading →

Why Chinese bike sharing companies are suddenly everywhere overseas

Just a few months ago, you would hear Chinese bike sharing companies making announcements here and there, but not see actual bikes being deployed. Back then, all these public shows seemed to serve only one purpose – to tell the… Continue Reading →

I brought only ¥25 cash for a two week trip in China, until…

Yes as the title suggested, I had only ¥25 cash in my pocket when I landed in the Western Chinese city of Chongqing to start a 2 week business trip. Apart from Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou are also on… Continue Reading →

Does ‘yield management’ for restaurants work, or is it simply a reincarnation of Groupon?

When Groupon (and thousands of its clones) entered the market, the message was very attractive to restaurants, spas and other establishments. Giving good discounts to customers, and a good commission to the platform – we will give you the customers… Continue Reading →

Comfort DelGro squarely failed to respond to disruption

We argued recently that Comfort DelGro, Singapore’s biggest cab operator, was making a gross strategic mistake by seeking to partner with Uber ( We believed that Comfort stock price should be going down, rather than up, following the news. The… Continue Reading →

Why we are doing The Low Down

The reason why we, the team at Momentum Works, decided to start a blog, was simple: We were often asked about what we think about certain issues, industries, countries or investment prospects in tech. Instead of repeating the same story… Continue Reading →

Shared bicycle manufacturers are dying, and this is not a bad thing

Barely a few months ago, the bosses of China’s bicycle supply chain were beaming with joy. Their factories were all running full capacity while new orders still kept coming up, thanks to the booming bicycle sharing industry. Dozens of bike… Continue Reading →

Clash of the titans in Thailand’s ecommerce scene

  Last year, Thailand witnessed the entry and subsequent overhype of 11street – a company owned and invested by South Korean telecommunications giant SK Telecom. 11street Thailand spared no expense splashing on celebrities, television ads, metro station wraps and so… Continue Reading →

Incentives and cashback: what works and what doesn’t

Someone in Singapore sent us a copy of a promotional letter she had received: That is a lot of hassle to get (maximum) $30 cashback. You need to make a minimum of 8 qualifying contactless transactions (and it is not… Continue Reading →

The future of struggling service marketplaces

Good Start, Let’s Uberize Everything! Source: Getty Images It was just merely two years ago when service marketplaces were all the talk in town (I mean, in Southeast Asia). ServisHero (US$3.45 million raised), Kaodim (US$4.55 million raised) and so on… Continue Reading →

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