Tuesday, September 28, 2021

How WeWork beats its competitors

WeWork is the front-runner in the co-working space business, at the cost of fierce competition on user acquisition.

Market Overview: Logistics in Mexico awaits true innovation

Queremos una locura en el sector de la logística también

If Grab becomes the biggest player in SEA, what to expect?

News of Uber’s demise from many countries has been plastered all over the news in the past few months, and now news of its...

A brief guide to key 3PL players in Indonesia

With the booming ecommerce business in  Indonesia, ecommerce logistics is never far behind. We had previously talked about the ecommerce logistics partners in our...

Where did RedMart go wrong, and why did Lazada buy it?

When RedMart launched in Singapore in 2011 - the idea was not really loved by investors, and the founders had to meet hundreds of...

Ninja Van and its diluted ownership

The latest round of funding for Ninja Van gives the fuel to expand across markets (but) at the cost of diluting its founders' shares to the company. This is why.

[MW Special Report] E-commerce Logistics in Vietnam

As e-commerce in Vietnam grows, last mile delivery has plenty of opportunity to grow with it. But underdeveloped transport infrastructure has so far created...

This will make you look at Indonesia differently

Indonesia has more than 17000 islands, however most foreign tech investors and entrepreneurs rarely go beyond Jakarta. There are blue oceans in the provinces.

Rise of niche ecommerce in SEA, probably to be captured by...

How Facebook is quietly positioning themselves to capture some of the ecommerce marketplace in Southeast Asia.

Lazada squeezes the likes of Ezbuy out in Southeast Asia

We have always been arguing that with the giants such as Alibaba, Lazada and JD.com entering the Southeast Asian market, smaller e-commerce platforms will...

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