Tuesday, June 18, 2024

[Event] Off the record: Behind SHEIN’s success

When SHEIN - a Chinese cross-border ecommerce app focused on fashion—overtook Amazon as the most downloaded shopping app in the US in May 2021,...

Crypto’s Boom Bust Cycle – only it’s different this time.

Earlier in June, we saw Bitcoin’s price tumble more than 70% from its peak of USD66K and we’ve mentioned that the recent crypto crash...

Are Google and Facebook still your best marketing tools?

This article is the first part of a five part series outlining Momentum Academy’s In Focus: Marketing and Growth - Beyond Google and Facebook,...
what's going on at Grab

Quick Recap: Momentum Academy’s Off the Record: What’s up with Grab?

Momentum Academy’s second public event, Off the Record: What’s up with Grab? happened earlier this month and more than 400 people attended this virtual...
Grab super app

Super apps are here to stay

What is really a super app?

The Southeast Asian infatuation over super apps

You must have heard the word “super app” by now. Whether you love it or hate it, I always feel this word is overused,...
Grab strategy

Off the Record: What’s up with Grab?

Grab has been weathering rough waters for the past few months. If you have been following our content, you would have read our take...

Quick Recap: Off the record – Behind Shopee’s doors

Snapshot of what went down.

Launching Momentum Academy

Disrupting corporate education

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