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Why Alibaba is investing in AI for pigs

And Alibaba is not the first major tech company in China to disrupt pig farming

[MW Weekend] Cold spell in Singapore – which business is really hit badly?

Usually, sectors such as ecommerce and food delivery should experience a boom as people opt to stay at home.

Will Grab & Uber merge, with Softbank now a shareholder of both?

By now you always know what is happening: Uber’s board is allowing Softbank to become a shareholder. Probably a huge relief for early investors of Uber, many of whom are desperate to exit as their funds approach maturity. Of course… Continue Reading →

The economics of bike sharing

Many people still want to discuss China’s “sharing economy” with us: shared bikes, power banks, basketballs, or umbrellas. It seems everyone has an opinion on whether it would work or not, and why. Nonetheless, it strikes us that many have… Continue Reading →

Why Chinese bike sharing companies are suddenly everywhere overseas

Just a few months ago, you would hear Chinese bike sharing companies making announcements here and there, but not see actual bikes being deployed. Back then, all these public shows seemed to serve only one purpose – to tell the… Continue Reading →

Shared bicycle manufacturers are dying, and this is not a bad thing

Barely a few months ago, the bosses of China’s bicycle supply chain were beaming with joy. Their factories were all running full capacity while new orders still kept coming up, thanks to the booming bicycle sharing industry. Dozens of bike… Continue Reading →

“But, we signed an NDA”

A team from a developed country came to us the other day, with a business plan to build smart shared bicycles, similar to the ones flooding China: As this bike solution is for a market with a much higher GDP… Continue Reading →

China’s Mini KTVs land in Singapore

Mbar, One of the leading operators of mini KTVs in China, has launched its business in Singapore. Mini KTVs are telephone-booth-like soundproof kiosks where people can isolate themselves from the noisy environment to sing karaoke. Their singing is usually recorded… Continue Reading →

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