Friday, March 31, 2023

Experiencing JD’s first unmanned store in Indonesia

A glimpse of the future of offline shopping

Navigating Indonesian customs

Southeast Asia (SEA) is fast becoming a battleground for many brands. With a population of 650 million and an extremely fast growing middle class,...

Our thoughts on Indonesia banning Tik Tok

Earlier this week, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Indonesian Government, KomInfo, had officially confirmed that it had blocked the popular short video...

Indonesia ecommerce through the eyes of a veteran

Indonesia is NOT a market to be ignored and this is very apparent with the amount of investment being put in by predominantly the Chinese tech giants.

JD Thailand aims for May launch

Our sources say JD and Central will take the "money is no object" approach

Rocket Internet exits Southeast Asia?

Bigger Rocket ventures, especially those active between 2012 and 2015, left a deep mark in the region’s ecosystem.

Thoughts on SEA’s widening losses & Nick Nash’s departure

Shopee is taking the right, albeit very risky, strategy; and Tencent is the wild card

Discussing about Indonesia opportunities with investors in Hangzhou, China

burning questions asked and answered - and a surprise.

A brief guide to key 3PL players in Indonesia

With the booming ecommerce business in  Indonesia, ecommerce logistics is never far behind. We had previously talked about the ecommerce logistics partners in our...

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