Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Shein Indonesia - Cover image

Why did SheIn exit Indonesia?

No, it’s not because of Zalora.

Misunderstanding and the Cold war: Reasons why the Chinese stock market...

Naturally, the recent happenings regarding tech companies and charges in policies spark anxiety among investors, especially after the stock price crash.  Wang Tao Tao, a...
tangping china - cover image

What are the bigger questions behind Chinese youth ‘lying flat’?

If you are active on the Chinese blogosphere, you definitely would have seen these two characters dominating the feed of WeChat, Weibo, and other...

Reality check: how progressive is e-regulation in ASEAN truly?

Investors and entrepreneurs alike agree that “surprise surprise” the shift to an ever more digitised economy is inevitable and happening exponentially fast at that....

MAS Managing Director Mr Ravi on Finance, Technology and Trust

Sharing by Mr Ravi Menon, Managing Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, at the Banque de France Lecture, titled "Can the three musketeers...

Government stimulus ultimate reason for China’s tech take-off?

You still remember the 4 Trillion RMB announced after 2008 crisis?

Chinese cities’ escalated fight for talent (with WeChat Mini Programme)

We wrote about a week ago that Chinese cities are escalating their fight for talent. It seems that Xi'an, probably the most aggressive among the...

Why Chinese cities escalate their fight for talent in 2018

The governments all started to believe that the huge economic benefits of population density overpowers the accompanying environmental and societal problems.

ZTE’s debacle might lead to its rebirth, not death

After six years of effort, Huawei has achieved a fairly good level of self-dependence. We think ZTE can do the same, with imposed, rather than self-imposed, urgency.

Mark Zuckerberg & the Monkey King

This article does not talk about data protection, or right and wrong. Instead, it describes a defining moment in a hero’s path.

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