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[MW Special Report] Payment Overview in Indonesia

As Southeast Asia’s largest economy by GDP (US$932 billion [1]) and the most populated market (264 million [2]), Indonesia has been attracting technology companies to start or expand their business in the country. While cash is the dominant payment method,… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin – last wake up call for financial players

With some pundits pricing Bitcoin at US$100,000 in the next 18 months, time to wake up!

Are Self-Service Terminals The Way to go for Restaurants?

Self-service ordering and payment kiosks, initially deployed by McDonalds and Golden Village Cinemas, are now widely available among fast food franchises in Singapore. In fact, they have mushroomed across the food & beverage (F&B) sector, especially among the chain establishments…. Continue Reading →

Banks enabled, not stifled, the rise of Alipay – Part 2

In part one of this article, we wrote about the background of mobile payment platforms in China. In this second part, we talk about how these platforms work and the benefit to their providers. So, how (and why) do these… Continue Reading →

Banks enabled, not stifled, the rise of Alipay – Part 1

The state-owned banking network in China has long been criticised for blocking innovation; however, without their support, third-party payment platforms such as Alipay would not have been able to flourish like they are now. Unfortunately, many commentators have overlooked this… Continue Reading →

GrabPay is not making full use of its advantages

So GrabPay appointed a new CTO, Vikas Agrawal, who was previously with Paytm. Agrawal is to be based in Bangalore, more than 3000 kilometres away from Grab’s headquarters in Singapore. This came less than a month after Grab (finally) filled… Continue Reading →

Alipay & WeChat Pay stick, GrabPay doesn’t, literally

We came across this at a florist in Singapore. What does this tell us? Some of our thoughts: Alipay and WeChat Pay are very present in Singapore – and many other cities in Southeast Asia Chinese tourists frequent. GrabPay is… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin passed $7000, what does it mean for you?

Bitcoin seems to be all the hype now – from Main Street to Wall Street. I get calls now and then to talk about Bitcoin, and many also asked if I sold any. Is it yet time to sell? I’ll tell you… Continue Reading →

Eating out experience in the land of Alipay

So how have the people in the land of Alipay evolved in this aspect? While in Hangzhou for a few business meetings, we ate out at a famously local restaurant – where you have to queue for at least 45… Continue Reading →

Mobile payment in Southeast Asia – overview and trends – Part 3/3

Who owns the future? The governments or the internet giants (or someone else)? In the first two parts of this analysis, we discussed why we couldn’t exactly replicate Alipay and Wechat in Southeast Asia and examined plausible and implausible use… Continue Reading →

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