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Chinese Loan Apps in Indonesia

If you read our earlier articles about the Indonesian payday loan market (Part 1 and Part 2 are linked here for your convenience) you will already know about the rush of Chinese lenders backed by proven business models that are… Continue Reading →

Real reason for Alibaba’s US$2.9 billion investment in offline retailer

Alibaba Group today announced that it is making a US$2.87 billion investment into Sun & Art Group, a retail group in China that operates Auchan and  RT-Mart. In total Sun & Art controls 446 hypermarkets across 29 provinces in China…. Continue Reading →

Are you addicted to data dashboards as I am?

When I was running a consumer mobile internet business, one thing I did most frequently was… Unlock my tablet and stare at the dashboard. Like one of the many here: Not only me, all my colleagues seemed to have the… Continue Reading →

Fashion ecommerce in SEA, and why Zalora is struggling

Last month, Pomelo, a Bangkok-based online fashion brand, confirmed US$19 million funding led by, China’s second biggest ecommerce platform. This is shortly after Zilingo, another fashion ecommerce company focused on Southeast Asia, announced US$18 million Series B led by… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin passed $7000, what does it mean for you?

Bitcoin seems to be all the hype now – from Main Street to Wall Street. I get calls now and then to talk about Bitcoin, and many also asked if I sold any. Is it yet time to sell? I’ll tell you… Continue Reading →

Brands losing their grip in ecommerce era – or are they?

E-commerce has grown to be a powerful distribution channel for goods, and I believe it will continue to grow in weight and influence in years to come. For many brands, this is an opportunity (to reach out to more customer and… Continue Reading →

Innovation – you never arrive

The other day, someone told me while it was easier to start a business in this day and age, it is hard to do a good business due to depressed profits, and intense competition. My response was straight to point,… Continue Reading →

Supercharge your product team

With Asia’s startup scene having skyrocketed over the last five years, the one role that has perhaps piqued the most interest is that of the product manager. Despite this trend, the role of a product manager is often not well… Continue Reading →

Decision making in a startup: give up some to gain more

Most startups a have limited runway, constantly running against time, market, and competition. It is imperative to ensure that the right person calls the shots to avoid costly delays or deadlocks.  A proper, and efficient, decision making mechanism makes great… Continue Reading →

Overlooked enabler of China’s last mile logistics success

What  are the biggest enablers of China’s ecommerce and O2O boom? Capital, technology, (huge) consumer base, rising consumption power, and (relatively) cheap labour? Well, they are all significant. However, there is one crucial enabler for last mile, which is often… Continue Reading →

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