Thursday, April 9, 2020

[TLD Weekend] Meituan vs. Didi: China’s ride-hailing war II

It is said that Go-Jek is coming to Singapore and other SEA cities. Will the same war happen between Grab and Go-Jek?

[TLD Weekend] What happens when nobody buys oil anymore?

Whole cities, farms and factories will be rearranged to the convenience of a whole new generation of robots, drones and vehicles - all electric powered.

Signs that the experienced executive you just hired is not a...

Over the years, we have hired a lot of them. Many of them turned out to be brilliant (some of them are still working with us at Momentum Works now), but more did not last.

Vietnam’s unique supply chain advantage in ecommerce

During my last few trips back to Vietnam, the optimism of people there has been phenomenal. Finally Vietnam is not only a box to...

Mark Zuckerberg & the Monkey King

This article does not talk about data protection, or right and wrong. Instead, it describes a defining moment in a hero’s path.

Alibaba is an advertising company, more than an ecommerce one

60% of Alibaba's revenues are now derived from its advertising platform - Alimama.

RIP Prof Hawking

Many of us grew up reading A Brief History of Time

Thoughts on Zalora CEO’s departure

Namshi was profitable while Zalora is not. We believe the reason is not that Namshi’s team is vastly better than Zallora’s at execution.

Momentum Works is changing its logo

We thought our original logo is too dull, and we needed something more cheerful to reflect the team spirit and, of course, spring

[MW Weekend] Why do you want to be a consultant?

Focus on growth, rather than glamour

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